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Benefit Resource (BRI) @ www.benefitresource.com is dedicated to the administration of tax-free benefit accounts and COBRA administration services. BRI brings together expertise and excellence to support employers and participants. BRI is backed by technology experts and trusted professionals. The BRI Difference is one of our six key differentiators.

The Beniversal(r) Prepaid Mastercard(r) @ www.benefitresource.com allows participants to use applicable benefit account funds to pay for eligible expenses at qualified merchants accepting Debit Mastercard(r). Your employer may allow you to open one of the following account options:

  • Commuter Benefit Plan (Mass Transit and Parking Accounts).
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or Limited FSA
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Limited HRA
  • Health Savings Account (HSA).

Registering a Custom Login ID is required for anyone who visits the site for the first-time will be necessary. On the BRIWEB Login page, select the blue https://participant.briweb.com/login link. Follow the instructions.

To register, you will need to provide the following information:

  • COMPANY CODE – Provided by your employer
  • MEMBERID/REGISTRATIONID: A 9-digit ID that is typically chosen by your employer (i.e. SSN, Payroll ID, or a combination thereof.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: First name, last name, home zip code
  • Benefit Resource allows you to access your email address or phone number.

Your employer will provide your Company Code (likely during Open Entry or towards the beginning of your plan year). During this time, please review all correspondence and materials from HR.

This code could also be in your “Welcome To Beniversal” email. For the following email, please check your spam folder/inbox.

  • Sender: Pa*****************@Be*************.com
  • Subject Line: Welcome to Benefit Resource!

Your employer will provide details about your Member ID/RegistrationID (likely during Open Entry or towards the beginning of your plan year).

HOW DO I ACTIVATE MY CARD @ www.benefitresource.com?

There are two ways to activate your card

Option 1: Call the number at the back of the card to activate your card.

Option 2: Activate your card online when you log in to your https://www.briweb.com/part/part-login.php account using your Login ID and password.

Register an account if you’re logging in for your first time.

After logging in, navigate to your Profile section and select your name. Scroll down to Card Status, and activate your card.


Based on your plan documents, funds will be available on the Beniversal Card.

  • The available amount for a Medical FSA will be the amount that you have elected for the current plan year, minus any reimbursements or payments prior. To determine if funds from prior years are available on your card, check your plan documentation
  • An HRA’s amount will depend on the rules for HRA funds availability that you have outlined in your plan documents.
  • The amount available for an HSA will equal your HSA balance. HSA funds will be available only when they are deposited to your HSA. The funds will rollover automatically from one year to the next and will remain available.


This is especially useful if you use the card to commute.

You can link your Beniversal Card to pay online for your commuting pass. It can be used as the payment method to Shared from Lyft and uberPOOL.


Allow your card to be used for contactless payments via Google Pay (r), or Apple Pay (r) and Samsung Pay [r]. Once your card is set up, you can use your mobile device to pay eligible expenses for healthcare and commuting.