Top 10 Websites to Watch Asian drama in 2023

Since the 1980s, East Asian pop culture has moved beyond regional borders and infiltrated the social life of communities across Asia.

Pop music, animes, TV dramas, and pop songs are all derived from East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

This popular culture phenomenon is not only affecting East Asia but also affects Asian countries.

Many studies attempted to explain why this cultural infiltration has occurred.

This is a new phase in globalization, with a style and format similar to the West, but modified for the “Asian Taste”.

Top 10 best websites to watch Asian Dramas in 2022

There are many websites that allow you to view your favorite Asian dramas online, especially if you are a true fan.

Not all can provide you with a seamless experience. It can be difficult to choose the right one.


What if we gave you a list of 10 top websites to watch your favorite Asian dramas, not just one…2…or five? Let’s get started. . .

#1. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s most loved video streaming service. Netflix offers a wide range of TV series and films in multiple languages. It is also the place to find premium HD quality Asia dramas.

Subscription-based streaming of Asian dramas with subtitles is available through this subscription-based service. This site is ad-free and allows uninterrupted streaming.


You can subscribe to the service using any of the three streaming plans, Basic, Standard or Premium. Prices start at $9.99 per monthly and end at $19.99 per per month.

Life, Cain and Abel, and Something in the Rain are some of the most popular Asian dramas available on Netflix.

#2. Hulu

Hulu is another video-on-demand provider that has a large database of Asian dramas.

This American subscription-based streaming service, owned by The Walt Disney, streams Asian dramas that are among the most-watched. This category allows you to enjoy Korean drama online.


You can stream your favorite Asian series via its mobile app.


You have 3 subscription options starting at $5.99 per month

However, the 30-day trial period is free and you can access many Asian dramas as well as other content.

You can access your favorite Asian dramas anytime you want once you sign up for the service.

What are you waiting to do? Get your Hulu trial for free today!


#3. Rakuten Viki

Viki has a large collection of Asian movies and dramas. It also features exclusive content from Japan and Korea.

Enjoy a 7-day trial period for your favorite movies. After the seven-day trial, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee if you love the service.

Viki offers content in more than 50 languages and 50 genres with subtitles. Search your favorite Asian content by either a category or any of the most popular Asian drama titles.

You must select a subscription plan to unlock VIKI Standard shows, movies and VIKI Originals. It starts at $0.99/month and can go up to $4.99/month.


Get the app now to get all the latest Asian dramas from the vast collection.

#4. Viu

Many other Korean drama websites use content from Viu. This site features Korean dramas as well as other Asian dramas. It is highly rated and updated.

To access the content, all you have to do is choose a subscription plan beginning at U.P $7.98/month for Viu Premium.

Enjoy unlimited high-quality shows and movies from 16 countries, including Asia. You can also download any content and watch them offline.

#5. AsianCrush

AsianCrush has a variety of entertainment that includes both popular Chinese martial arts films and Asian dramas.

Asian Crush has a wide range of TV and movie shows. These include horror, thrillers, and dramas. They also offer action, supernatural, romance and comedy.

You can now watch your favorite Asian dramas and films on AsianCrush with apps compatible for smart devices.

To binge-watch exclusive, ad-free content you can subscribe to AsianCrushPremium at $4.99 per month and get a 14-day trial.

#6. KissAsian

KissAsian, another website that is well-designed, offers a huge selection of Asian dramas and exclusive titles.

Site offers English-subtitled shows that are accessible to bilingual viewers.


Access to HD movies, Asian and other drama content is free with a simple interface.


DramaGo is another site that offers exclusive access to Korean and Asian dramas.

This website is the fastest and most frequently updated. It also has English subtitles available for viewers who require them.

There are also 5-7 servers that allow you to stream Asian and Korean shows. Search for the top-rated and most popular Asian dramas, such as When A Man Loves, and then download them from your smartphone.

You can also watch many of the latest Asian dramas on the website.


#8. NewAsian TV

The NewAsian TV offers a wide range of Asian films. The website is a great source of high-quality HD Asian, Korean, and Japanese dramas. It deserves to be on our top 10 list.

The website is restricted in content, which includes horror, romance, comedy and drama, but there are some limitations.

The cherry on top is NewsAsian TV, a free streaming service. Although the website is not accessible in all countries, it is still available in 14 of them.

The lights off feature, which hides everything except the stream player, is an interesting feature you should not miss. This feature is useful when you are viewing content in a non fullscreen mode.

#9. DramaNice

DramaNice, a popular platform that streams Asian drama films without requiring a subscription, is another site dedicated to Asian drama.

DramaNice is the best place to find Asian dramas without any ads.

DramaNice offers a large selection of HD-quality dramas streaming at a rapid rate. It also has perfect English subtitles to meet your needs.

You will enjoy the website’s simple layout, ad-free services and most recent titles.

#10. GoodDrama

GoodDrama is a great subscription-free website that offers a large collection of Asian drama films. This website’s content is categorised, making it easy to find the content you want and easier to navigate.

The majority of dramas here are Korean, but there are many other content from countries such as Japan and China.

This website is free and has a wide selection of Asian dramas. The updated dramas from Japan China Taiwan are also available. They are neatly divided under different genres like mystery, suspense action, detective, and so forth.

Since 2000, Asian Drama has won hearts.

When a cultural product receives high ratings, it automatically becomes more popular in any society, especially a capitalist one.

One such cultural product is Asian drama. What is the secret to this success?

Love is the central theme of every drama. It’s unique in that it is adapted to each country’s context. These dramas also include family values, which create a normality in people’s emotions and feelings.

Characterization is also important. The male characters are perfect examples of Asian identity, with their strong personalities and wealth.

All of the above points point out that the Asian drama series flow is a result of regionalisation.

Malaysian dramas often feature the theme of love. This is because it’s accompanied by current issues such as forced marriage, love after marriage, or being married young.

Asian dramas, unlike American ones, are much shorter-lasting. Most Asian series last between 12 and 13 episodes. They rarely have more that a few seasons.

This allows viewers the opportunity to binge-watch shows that are quite different to having to watch Game of Thrones or The Sopranos all the time.

Asian drama has been a growing niche in recent years.

These websites and apps are suitable for anyone who speaks the language, or wants to watch shows with subtitles in English or Spanish. You can try them all and decide what is best for you.



Do you need more information about Asian Dramas and the streaming sites? These are some additional resources:

Q. Are Asian and Korean dramas alike?

Yes, Korean drama can also be called Asian drama. K-dramas are popularly known as Korean dramas. They are South Korean television series that are made in Korea.

Q. Why are Asian dramas fast becoming one the most popular niches in the world?

The biggest reason Asian Dramas are seeing a rise in viewership is because of the unique plots, characters and settings that appeal to viewers around the world.

A higher cinematic quality, cultural appeal and mouthwatering cuisine, as well as an intensity and clarity in emotions and engagement, are all factors that elevate Asian dramas to a new level.

Q. Which other alternate platforms deliver Asian dramas?

Many platforms stream Asian dramas. A few of these sites are particularly safe and top-quality. These include Anime TV and Amazon Prime Videos, Anime TV, Dramacool, KShow123, and many other sites.

Q. How do I watch an Asian drama if the website is blocked?

Due to legal issues, many K/Asian drama sites are blocked in many countries. You can however unblock them using a VPN, proxy, or mirror site.

Q. Is it possible to download English subtitles for Free?

You can get English subtitles free of charge from several top websites, including KissAsian and Quickdrama.