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GSM along with CDMA CDMA are the two main types of wireless networks. (GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile Communications and CDMA is a shorthand for Code Division Multiple Access). GSM is used all over the world however CDMA is mostly used within the US. T-Mobile and AT&T have GSM networks and AT&T has CDMA networks, with Sprint and Verizon making use of CDMA networks.

TextNow is compatible with without a lock on GSM Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. To work with Android phones, we can support devices running Marshmallow 6 or above, and for iOS, we can support iOS 13 and above. To determine whether your device can be used, go to Start Here page!

In the event that your device can be described as GSM capable, then we will be able to connect it with any of the SIM cards. For Android tablets that are tablets, they should have Marshmallow 6 or above, and for iOS, it must have iOS 12 or higher.

What is the best way to unlock your device?

To be able to use TextNow using the text messaging feature on your GSM device, it needs to be unlocked. Every carrier has different methods to unlock your device if it’s tied to the carrier. Contact your carrier for assistance on unlocking your device.

Do I require WiFi in order to use my Activation Kit?

You’ll need a reliable internet connection to activate the SIM card included in the kit. After activation then you don’t require wifi to make texts or make calls since you phone can be used connect to the data network we’re using, but remaining capable of using wifi anytime there is wifi.

When you activate the TextNow SIM card via an internet connection that is public (i.e. in a library or cafe) usually, you’ll need to complete another step to take after you connect in order to connect to the internet. If you’re experiencing difficulty connecting when you’re connected to a public wifi connection, open your web browser from your phone, as you might need to take another step in your browser before you can is fully connected.

The site asks me to enter the MEID code. Where can I locate it?

Based on the device it’s using the MEID number may be displayed as either the ESN or IMEI. The typical MEID number is a 14-digit string and could contain numbers and letters.

If you’re using your Android device, you’ll locate your MEID/IMEI number in the principal settings App under > About device > Status. If you’re using iOS it is usually possible to locate it in on the primary settings application and then General > About.

If your phone is equipped with an unremovable back and battery is also likely to be on a sticker within the compartment underneath where the battery is. The sticker is usually indicated with an ESN number.

The SIM card isn’t recognized from my cell phone!

Take out your SIM card out of your handset, and verify that it is properly seated inside your SIM slot. You might need to consult the user manual for your phone for more details about the position of the SIM card slot and the size of the card you can use on your phone.

It is important to note that on certain earlier Android models, users might have to restart your device after inserting the SIM card. If the card you’re trying to insert isn’t recognized, press the power button until you open your Power Off menu and tap Restart.

how to Switch Devices

Are you looking to transfer your TextNow service to a different eligible mobile or another device? It’s easy! We’ll show you how to switch devices to WiFi-only accounts as well as wireless accounts that need SIM cards.

WiFi-Only Accounts

If you’re using an account that’s free WiFi-only account all you need to do is install the TextNow application on your new device, and then log in using your account details You’ll be able to make calls and send texts any time WiFi is accessible!

Wireless Accounts

If you own a different locked phone, that’s GSM suitable (you can make use of the device test tool to determine! ) Download the TextNow application on your new phone and sign into your account. Then remove your SIM card from the old phone and insert it on the new device.

There is no need in order to activate your SIM card once more, however, you’ll need to manually change the APN settings on the new device.

SIM Card Sizes

Some phones have different sizes for SIM tray, and you might have to utilize your SIM card sizer that came with the TextNow SIM or buy one from a website when it’s not compatible with the new phone.

The three SIM size cards:

  1. Standard (largest)
  2. Micro
  3. Nano (smallest)

Then, open your smartphone’s SIM tray and select it. Select the SIM size that is suitable for your phone. For standard-size SIMs you’ll have to put the three pieces in tandem For micro SIMs you’ll be required to ensure that you insert the micro SIM is placed in the middle of the piece or for the nano SIMs you’ll have to remove the smallest part to use by itself.