Activate Ford Sync Integrated System Online [UPDATE]

Imagine this: You can control your car with your voice. You can choose songs, select applications, and even make calls. Isn’t that amazing? This is amazing, but you might be wondering how it could be possible. Ford Sync, a state of the art feature that allows you to control music and make hands-free phone calls. You can also use voice commands to perform multiple functions. If you own a Ford vehicle and got this feature pre-installed, you only need to activate it at

Step-by-Step Procedure to Activate Sync My Ride Feature via

You need to follow these steps in order to get the most from the new technology on your Ford car. You can enjoy the best connectivity features such as SYNC Connect Ford Pass and Ford + Alexa.

Are you excited about this new feature. Are you excited about this new feature? Go check for the steps below and activate SYNC My Ride on the official page.

  • On your computer, access the link.
  • Look in the upper right corner for the option “Register/Sign In”.
  • Clicking on the option will take you to a new page. The system will then prompt you for your registered credentials, username and password.
  • Once you have entered your credentials, click on the “Sign in” button.
  • This makes activation even easier.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to activate the device.

Here you are! You can now perform the above mentioned activities once your activation is complete.

You must have a Sync My Ride account before you can proceed with the above-mentioned steps. You can proceed with the steps if you already have a SyncMy Ride account.

Do you not have an account? Register with Sync My Ride.

Quick Guide to Creating a Ford Synch My Ride Account

These are six (6) simple steps to create an account.

  • #Step 1 – Access Sync My Ride. You will need a computer or laptop in order to access the Sync My Ride website. Note: You must have a reliable Internet connection.
  • #Step 2: Find “HELLO YOUR NAME” Tab. On this page you’ll find a tab called “Hello, Your name”. Once you have selected the tab, click on the “Settings”.
  • #Step 3 – Select “Vehicles & SYNC”. You will need to click or select the “Vehicles & SYNC tab under “Settings”.
  • #Step 4: Click “SYNC mobile Settings”: This will bring up the option “SYNC mobile Settings”. Select the button “Add a number”.
  • #Step 5: Provide Correct Information. The system will ask you to fill out certain details. The correct information is required – your telephone number, nickname, etc.
  • #Step 6: Get the App. This is the final step. Install the Ford Sync Destinations App on your smartphone. You will need to activate Bluetooth to allow the Ford to start automatically using the Bluetooth feature.


How do I connect FordPass through FordPass Connect App

Once the app has been installed, you will be able connect.

  • To “Sign in” to the app, you will need to use your sign-in credentials.
  • Next, add the SYNC-equipped vehicle.
  • Click the button “Add Vehicle” to view the option “My Vehicles Card”.
  • The program will prompt you scan your VIN Barcode. You can do this by clicking “Use Camera”.
  • Once you have located the VIN label, select a “Nickname”.
  • To complete the process, tap the “Finish” button.
  • You will also see the button to activate SYNC Connect.

After clicking the button, click on the “Allow” tab. The “Your name was requested to be the Ford Owner account” tab will appear.

Here you are! Congratulations! You’ve just completed activation. For any assistance, please visit the Support Page.