Activate Serve Prepaid Card Online [UPDATE]

If you want to manage your finances in the field or take advantage of all the benefits, joining a Serve Account is sure to bring numerous benefits. Do you want to learn more about Serve? You might want to consider applying for a Serve debit card.

If you have already received an individual Serve card via mail, you can’t begin using it for shopping or paying bills until after you’ve activated your card by visiting

The first step to activating your Serve card involves opening an account if you don’t already have one. Let us guide you through the Serve Card activation process.

How do you set up a new Serve account?

Take a look at the steps below for how to establish a new account with Serve.

  • Start a browser on the internet, and then go to Serve Sign to sign up.
  • Enter the username of your user. (You will need this username to log into your account at Serve.)
  • Next, provide a valid email address. (You will be sent an email to confirm the
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Now, type in the password and confirm it.
  • Click Next.
  • Provide your details: first, last name, and address.
  • Once you’ve entered the data, After entering the information, go through it and verify it.

Activate Serve Card online at (Amex and Visa).

This is a step-by-step procedure for activating your newly acquired Serve Prepaid Credit Card.

  • To activate your Serve Card online
  • Start your normal web browser, and then go to
  • Enter the login details: name and password.
  • Log in to your Serve account.
  • Check for the card activation option on your account.
  • You will see the “Activate Your Card” button when you move past the initial notification.
  • Select the activate button and input the necessary details, like your name or CVV number, card number, and the last 4 digits of your SSN, and so on.
  • After activation of your card After activation, you are able to use it to shop anywhere. Serve cards are accepted.

The online service for activating your Serve card is simple. However, if you do not possess access to the Internet, you can utilize your mobile phone in order to make the activation. This is the standard method for activating your Serve Card. Follow the instructions below.

Activate Serve Card on the phone

  1. Make sure to keep the service card details in your wallet prior to calling the customer service number.
  2. Call Server Customer Care (1-800-954-0559) using your mobile number that you have registered.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions on the call, and then enter your details when asked.
  4. The account will activate on the date of the call.

Take note that if you own a Serve As You Go Pay As You Go Visa Prepaid Card and want to activate it, you can do so by calling 1-833-729-9646.

Register my Serve Card?

Here are some important points to remember before you begin:

  • Are you at least 18 years old? If you live in Nebraska or Alabama, you must be at least 19 years old in order to open an account.
  • Additionally, you need to have a valid email address. (Make sure that your email address is active.)
  • The number on your Social Security number is required.

If you are able to confirm the above information, go to the Register Your Card page. Click on Next to initiate the process of registering your card. It’s a three-step procedure that includes account setup, personal details review, and information.

Sign up for your Serve Card.

Account Setting Up

  • Enter your card’s number as well as CVV details into the required fields.
  • Click Next to move to the next step.

Personal Details:

  • Here, enter your first name, last name, address, etc.
  • Click “Next” for the next step.

Review Information

  • After you’ve provided all the necessary details, read them again to make sure you’ve not provided inaccurate information.

Follow the screen-based instructions to finish the procedure.

Serve Card Serve Card Perks and Benefits

You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits once your card is activated.

  • Purchase Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • FDIC Insurance
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Assistance at the roadside Assistance

Type of Serve Card:

  1. Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Accounts
  2. Serve Pay As You Go Visa Prepaid Card