Activate Card Login Signup Password Payment [UPDATE]

Making an application for Revvi is easy and quick through Revvi’s online application. The majority of applicants will receive an answer within a few minutes. On occasion, Revvi needs more information. If this happens, Revvi send you an email or send you an application letter along with the necessary instructions.

If your application is accepted After approval, we begin printing your card nearly immediately. The card will be sent to you within 3-7 working days. Due to delays with mail Please give us 14 days to deliver your card.

How to activate the Revvi Credit Card? Revvi Credit Card

If you’ve been issued an updated Revvi Card, you need to activate it to allow you to use it. It is possible to activate the Revvi Card by following the steps below.

  • Log into the Revvi Card activation page. Revvi card activated page.
  • Input your Revvi Card login details.
  • Choose Customer Service from the menu bar on the top, and then click Self Service..
  • Choose to activate a card in the section Credit and Charge Account.
  • Input the card’s information and follow the prompts to complete activation.

If you do not have a Social Security Number, please call the number printed on your back, or download the mobile application for activating your credit card.

How to activate Revvi Credit Card using Mobile App

Get the Revvi mobile application through either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Check out the suggestions below.

  1. Log in to your Revvi mobile application.
  2. On the main menu, choose Manage cards from the main menu.
  3. Choose the card that requires activation.
  4. Select the option to activate your card. If you have more than one card waiting to be activated, select which one you’d like to start and then click to continue.
  5. Enter your card details and the four digits that make up your SSN. Select Activate.

How to Sign-up for Revvi Account Online

To sign-up to be eligible for Revvi’s Revvi credit card to pay online, you’ll require:

  • The credit card account number
  • Your ZIP code
  • The Social Security number, your social identification number, or alternative identification
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number

You’ll be asked to create an account username and password so that you can log in to your account online to make payments, access your statements, and change personal information on your tablet, computer or mobile.

Follow the steps outlined below to begin.

  • Go to Revvi Account registration page.
  • Click” Register” and click the ” Register” button
  • Please provide your Revvi card information for the first time. Activate Card Login :

  1. In order to open your account you will need to pay the program fee.
  2. Once you’ve paid the Program Fee and have received your card by mail, you are able to activate your account at or call customer support by dialing (800) 845-4804.
  3. Don’t forget to create your account with us using our safe Mobile App – it’s the most efficient way to manage the details of your Revvi Rewards, pay your bills, and much more!!
  4. The Revvi Rewards card can be used at a multitude of retailers all over the U.S. and online.

How to retrieve the Revvi Credit Card User ID / Password? Revvi Visa Credit Card user ID/Password

You can quickly recover your card User Identification Number or Password in case you’ve lost or misplaced your password on Revvi Card’s Revvi Card login page. To retrieve it, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Revvi Card’s login page. Login page for the Revvi card page.
  • Click on Forgot User ID/ Forgot Password
  • Please provide the details of your Revvi Card details to recover your user ID, and then reset your password.

How do I check Revvi Card Balance? Card Balance?

Incredibly, you can look up the Revvi Credit card’s balance via the web, or over the phone. Follow the steps below to begin.

  • Go to on the Revvi Credit Card online login page.
  • Input the login details of your card to verify your balance.

How to pay bills online Utilizing a Revvi Credit Card

There are many methods to pay bills online with your Revvi Credit Card. But, the most convenient option is through online payments.

  1. Visit Revvi’s website. Revvi credit card site and sign into your account.
  2. Select open the Pay tab.
  3. Then, click on the Make an Online payment button.
  4. Input your payment information
  5. Verify your payment details, then hit the Submit button.

Revvi Credit Card Pay Address

Revvi Card

PO Box 5220,

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5220

Revvi Card Mobile App

In addition, you are able to use the Revvi Card login on your smartphone. For a start download and install Revvi Mobile. Download and install the Revvi Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

Utilizing Revvi Card App Revvi Card app, you are able to manage your Revvi credit card and bank accounts quickly and securely from any location. You can view your balance on your account, look up your account information pay and modify payments and manage your rewards, and much more, all on your smartphone.

Contact Number for Customer Support with Revvi Credit Cards Telephone Number

The Revvi credit card customer service number for payments as well as other issues can be reached at 800.845.4804.

What exactly is a Revvi Visa Credit Card?

The Revvi Credit Card is an electronic credit card that is branded and provided by the financial services firm The Bank of Missouri. The bank issues and manages various types of cards, such as prepaid, credit, and charge cards. Revvi cards are accessible to small and individual businesses as well as corporate customers across the United States and around the world.

Advantages of Revvi Credit Card

Cardholders can benefit from Revvi security, increased purchasing power, and much more. If you’re looking to build the credit rating of your family, increase your cash flow, or maximize the value of your spending, there might be a credit card that will fit your needs.

Unlimited rewards

Utilizing Revvi Rewards cards, you earn money back, miles or even cash for purchases that are in line with your lifestyle.

  • Earn miles and cash on purchases
  • Redeem your rewards without expiration dates during the entire life of your account
  • Cashback can be redeemed for any amount

Outstanding customer service

We offer our customers professional service and give them access to exciting experiences.

  • Find answers and help with 24/7 customer support

Secure and reliable security features

Be assured that every Revvi card comes with a variety of security features that secure your card and your payment details.

  • Be notified when Revvi detects suspicious transactions on your account.
  • Securely pay for online purchases using virtual card numbers
  • You can easily lock your card using the Revvi mobile application if it’s lost, misplaced, or stolen