Redpocket com Activate Code Red Pocket Sim Card [UPDATE]

Red Pocket Mobile allows you to keep your current network coverage, or you can choose the network that is best for you and/or your phone.

Red Pocket Mobile provides services on any major US network you choose!

Your coverage needs and what device you wish to use should be considered when choosing your network. Red Pocket offers 3 networks:

GSMA This network has the best GSM coverage in the US. This network is compatible with all AT&T-compatible, GSM Unlocked and CDMA LTE Unlocked devices.

GSMT This network is compatible with all T-Mobile-compatible, unlocked GSM and CDMA LTE-unlocked devices.

CDMA : This network is compatible with all Verizon-compatible LTE devices. Activate Code

It’s easy!

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Confirmation Code, or the ICCID number of your SIM card.
  3. Also, you will need to enter the serial number of your phone (IMEI/MEID).
  4. After you have ordered your service plan, a confirmation code will be sent to you.
  5. When you are ready to activate your service plan, this code will be entered. If you need assistance finding your confirmation code, click here.
  6. Next, log into the account that you created during the SIM-card order process.

Do you want to transfer a number?

IMPORTANT You must transfer your existing phone number to Red Pocket during activation. It will not be possible to transfer a number from another carrier into Red Pocket.

It is crucial to be 100% exact with the number transfer information. Incorrect information can lead to delays. To get a new Pocket phone number, your Service Zip Code will be used. This will generate your area code as well as your phone number

You should wait until the number transfer has been completed before you start the process. Logging in to will allow you to view the status of your number transfers.

After activation is complete, set up your device

Finally, insert your SIM card in your phone and turn on the device. After your phone has turned on, you will get a text message confirming that the device is ready to go. This will activate automatic APN (access points name) setup. Your phone’s internet connection is controlled by your APN settings. To set up your Red Pocket service, follow these simple steps.

Activated? Now it’s time for you to activate your eSIM

It is easy to install eSIM. Once you have completed the activation, you can then install your new line on your compatible smartphone.

This installation may require that your device undergo a software upgrade. For eSIM functionality to work, dual SIM functionality must be enabled on your device. A software update is necessary to add it.

You can use both a physical SIM and an eSIM on most phones. Only a few iPhones (iPhone XR or newer devices) support multiple eSIMs simultaneously. This information is constantly changing as eSIM technology is new. Check back often for new information. If you have questions about device compatibility and eSIM functionality, please contact our customer service team.

After activation, you will receive a unique QR code which contains your eSIM profile. It is important to keep it safe. After you have completed the activation process, the code will be displayed on your website. It will also be sent to you by email. To get your QR code, click the link that was sent to the email you received after completing the activation process.

How can I activate a Red Pocket Mobile SIM on my iPhone?

It is simple to activate an eSIM for iPhone.

Step 1 Open your phone’s camera app and hold it up towards the QR code displayed after activation.

You also received this QR code via email. To get your QR code, click the link in your email after activation.

Step 2As your scan continues, you will see a popup saying “Tap this cellular plan to be viewed”.

Step 3 Tap on the popup to be redirected directly to the Cellular Plan Settings section of your phone. This will guide you through the eSIM setup process.

Step 4 Tap on Continue, then tap Add Cellular Plan.

Step 5 : Next, you will need to label the eSIM line. You can choose to designate your new SIM as the Primary or Secondary SIM card.

Step 6 – Choose your default phone number. If you try to call a number not in your contact list, the phone will choose that number as your default line to text and call.

Step 7 –Choose which lines should be associated with Apple ID, FaceTime, and iMessage. When it comes time to send an iMessage, or make a FaceTime call, which of your lines would you like to be associated?

Step 8 Choose the line that you want to use for data usage. You can choose which line you want your phone to use when browsing the internet, downloading apps, and using data-reliant features such as VoLTE. The default cellular data line can be changed in the future.

Step 9 – This is the most important step. Make sure you turn on the activated line after configuring your preferences for your eSIM.

After you have finished configuring your preferences you will be taken to the Cellular section of your phone’s Settings. You can navigate to the Cellular section by tapping on Settings and then Cellular.

Tap on the newly installed eSIM under CELLULAR PLANS. Make sure that the toggle labeled “Turn on This Line” is in the ON position. Make sure you also check the toggle labeled “Enable LTE” and that it is in the ON position. This will ensure that your line is connected to your device and that it is receiving a signal.