Loop.tv Activate Loop Player on Smart TV?

The Loop Business Portal (s) allows you to control your Loop for Business music player online. You can create and manage your schedules, upload and manage digital signage, manage custom playlists and upload your company logo.


    • Remove the packaging and connect your Loop player
    • Take out the Loop Player and HDMI cable, remote control as well as the 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable and power supply wire. These items are shown in the picture below.
    • Next, find the port at the back of the Loop Player and plug in your power cord. Connect the HDMI cord to your TV. Make sure your TV is on.
    • Use the menu buttons on your TV or the remote control to select the HDMI input your Loop Player is connected.

You can use the remote control to activate the Loop Player. A red light will appear on the front of your player if the device has been connected but is not turned on. A blue light will appear if the device is powered up. The following screen should appear after turning on the power.


  • Make sure your smart television is connected to Loop Play and Wi-Fi.
  • Open the Loop player on you device.
  • Enter the code in the Loop player packaging box.
  • You can also get the code from https://loop.tv/activate by enter email address.
  • Enter the activation code from your TV.
  • Television screens will display a success message.
  • Loop Player can be viewed on your TV.

To make Loop work, you’ll need to connect to either Wi-fi (or an ethernet) network to communicate with the Internet. To connect to Wi Fi, you will need to use the remote control provided with your Loop Player. Select the network you wish to connect to and then enter the password.