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It can be frustrating when you are trying to improve your credit score to discover that nearly all the available cards have high-interest rates. We have the Destiny Credit Card to help you. We understand that you are looking for a card that will improve your credit score to get better offers from other lenders. And we have exactly what you need.

The new Destiny Mastercard was created to help consumers with low credit scores improve their credit scores and rebuild their credit history. This card is a great option for people in need. It has no annual fees and no balance transfer fee. It’s also backed by First Electronic Bank Member FDIC. We can help you if your application has been declined for another card. The Destiny Mastercard offers low rates on balance transfers and purchases, zero annual fees, Fraud protection, 24/7 customer support, and much more.

The Destiny Credit Card:

Do you want a credit card that is suitable for low credit scores?

The Destiny Mastercard can be a great choice. You can use it to build your credit score. Even if you have bad credit, you can still apply for a Destiny Mastercard. There is no annual fee, and the card offers many benefits such as rewards points that can be used for cashback.

It can be used to purchase anywhere you like, online or locally. The Destiny Mastercard will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a credit card without worrying about interest or fees.


The Destiny Mastercard is a great option for those who wish to improve their credit score.

Destiny Mastercard is an excellent choice for those with low credit scores and who are in search of a new card. This card allows you to access financing that was previously out of reach. It is easy to apply for this card and get approved.

Your card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. This means you will have all the benefits of other cards. You can also get free text alerts to let you know when your balance is low, or when the bank has an important update!

You can improve your credit score today by getting a Destiny Mastercard

Check out these important features and benefits of the Destiny Credit card:

  • Even if you have a low credit score, this credit card is still available.
  • Information about your purchase will be sent to all three major credit bureaus.
  • Receive your pre-qualification results right away.
  • Enjoy all the benefits and protections of Mastercard.
  • There are many credit card options available to consumers.
  • Because it is an unsecure card, you don’t need to make any deposits.
Annual Fee $75 the first year; $99 thereafter $59 the first year, $59 thereafter
Cash Advance Fee $5 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater than $5 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars 1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Late Payment Fee Up to $40 Up to $40
Overlimit Fee Up to $40 Up to $40
Returned payment fee Up to $40 Up to $40
APR for Purchases 24.9% 24.9%
APR for Cash Advances 29.9% 29.9%
Minimum Interest Charge $1.00 $1.00

What are the drawbacks to a Destiny credit-card?

  1. Credit limits are very low and there is no option to transfer debt.
  2. At the moment, there is no incentive program.
  3. A foreign transaction fee and a high annual cost are both applicable.
  4. You cannot apply over the telephone and you can’t extend your credit limit.

How to manage your Destiny Credit Card Account

Logging into your Destiny credit accounts will allow you to pay your credit card bills, view your account summary, and manage your account online. Many services are available, especially for clients who have an online account. These are the top internet services.

  • You can access your Destiny card summary and account balance, due date, as well as other information, at any time.
  • You can set up AutoPay and pay your credit card bills online using your account.
  • You can manage important card-related alerts online.
  • Your profile should reflect any changes to your contact information such as your email address and phone number.
  • Participate in paperless communication to receive your monthly account statement via email.

Step by step instructions for logging in to your Density Credit Card

To access all the services listed above, you will need to connect your online Destiny credit card account. Below are the steps to log in.

  • Visit the official Destiny Card website.
  • Click the My Account button in the upper right corner. You’ll find a new page for account management.
  • Click the Login button to fill in your Username/Password.

To Register for a New account, follow this link:

If you do not have an account online and you are using the Destiny Card, you can create one and get all the perks. It is easy to register.

  • Go to the official website and click the My Account tab.
  • A new page with a Register link will open beneath the login form. Click this Register link to begin the registration process.
  • A new registration form will be displayed on a new page (as shown below).

Enter your account number, birth date, and social security number in this registration form. Click Next. The system will verify your information.

  • Once your information is verified, you will be redirected to the next steps. After your information has been validated, you will need to create a username and password to access your account.
  • You can recover your password and login information if you have forgotten them. Follow the below instructions.
  • You can open the Destiny credit account website from your browser.
  • Click the Forgot Username & Password link below the login box. A new screen will appear with options to recover your Password or Username.

Instructions to Change Your Password

First, you will see the password reset form as shown below.


Enter your credit card information such as your username and last four digits of the account number, Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, and Social Security number (SSN). Next, click the Submit button.

An email will be sent to you with instructions for how to reset the password to your registered email. Open your email account, and then click the link to reset your password. Once you click the link, you will be redirected to a new window where you can modify your password.

How do you retrieve your username?

Further down the page, you will find a Username Recovery Form (as seen).

Enter your registered email address, the last four digits for your account number, Social Security number and date of birth in this username recovery form. Click the Submit button to continue. You will receive your username via email.


Guide to Activate Destiny Mastercards

Genesis FS Card Service Inc offers a range of consumer credit options in the form of Direct To Consumer Credit Cards. There are two types of cards: the Milestone Gold Mastercard and Indigo Platinum Mastercard. First Electronic Bank Member FDIC issues the Destiny Mastercard. The Destiny Mastercard is an excellent option for those with low credit scores and who wish to improve their credit score. Even if you have a low credit score, you can still apply for a Destiny creditcard. These are the top benefits and features of this card.


If you have a Destiny Mastercard, you must activate it first. Once your account is activated, you won’t have the ability to make transactions. Below is the procedure to activate your account.

  • Go to the official page for account management https://www.destinycard.com/home.
  • Click the link to activate your card below the Login form
  • Log in to your Destiny Account on the next page. If you don’t have one, you must create one.
  • Log in with your login credentials
  • On the next page, enter your card information to activate your credit card.

Wrapping up

The Destiny Mastercard is a credit card that will help you build credit. You can choose from a variety of credit cards to suit your financial and lifestyle needs. They have the product you need, whether you are looking for a new checking or auto loan. First Electronic Bank issues the Destiny Mastercard. It is intended to help those with low credit scores improve their credit score. We hope that you enjoyed this post.