Locast.org Activate Roku TV, Apple TV and Fire TV Online 2023

Locast.org/activate Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV to activate Locast. Follow these steps to activate Locast for streaming devices.

Locast is a streaming, non-profit service that offers local, over-the-air (OTA) television. Locast is an internet-based service that broadcasts signals from specific markets.

Since the beginning of TV broadcasting, non-profit organizations have offered “Translator TV Stations”. A translator is used in areas where a receiver cannot access the broadcaster’s signal.

It lets the user receive local news and weather information, among other things.

Locast app allows you to enjoy local broadcast channels on both your iOS and Android phones. Locast is available only to Locast subscribers.

Learn how to create and activate a Locast account from any smart device (iOS or Android) Here are the details.

Guide to Activate Locast App on Smart Devices at locast.org/activate

Here are the steps to activate Locast from smart devices such as Roku, iOS, Amazon, Android, and Roku.

Locast App Activated on Roku: locast.org/activate

Roku Media Player can activate Locast to enable you to view local broadcast TV. These are the steps to take:

  • Turn on your Roku Media Player and connect it to the TV. Navigate to Roku Channel Shop after you have connected your Roku Media Player to the TV.
  • You will need to enter “Locast” in the search box to access the Roku Channel Store search area. Enter “Lcast” in the search box. Click the search button.
  • To go to the next screen, click on the Locast link. You will see an option to add the channel to your Roku channels.
  • Next, you will see the “+Add a channel” button. These prompts will guide you to add the channel to your Roku device.
  • After you have added the channel, launch it. You will see the Locast log-in screen with activation code
  • Log in with your Locast login credentials and you will be able to access your Locast Account. Log in to access all Locast content.

Notice – You may need to enter the activation Code at locast.org/activate when you are launching the app.

Locast activation on Apple TV: locast.org/activate

Follow the instructions below to access Locast on your Apple TV.

  • From the Apple TV’s menu screen, select the Apple App Store icon. This will open the App Store.
  • Once you have logged into the App Store app, go to the upper search section.
  • Enter the keyword “Locast”, and click the search button. The search result will appear on your screen.
  • From the search results, you will select the Locast app. After selecting the Locast app from the search results, you will be redirected the the next screen. You can then choose to download the channel or install it onto your iOS device.
  • Next screen: Install Locast App on your Apple TV.
  • Once you have installed the app successfully, it’s time to launch it on your TV.
  • Once you have launched Locast from iOS, you will need a Locast account.
  • Login credentials are required to log in to Locast’s Apple TV app. After you log in, you can view your favorite broadcast TV channels via Locast’s app for Apple TV.

Locast on Amazon Fire TV activation at locast.org/activate

Amazon Fire TV allows you to also access Locast local broadcast TV. These instructions will guide you through activating Locast App on Amazon Fire.

  • Connect your Amazon Fire TV to the TV. After your Amazon Fire Player has been connected to your TV’s HDMI port, you can go to Amazon App Store.
  • Navigate to search the Amazon App Store. Enter the keyword “loc” into the search box. Next, click the Search button.
  • The search results will be displayed on the next screen. To go to the next screen, select the Locast Channel channel. You will then be able to add the Locast app to your Amazon Fire.
  • After downloading the channel, follow the prompts for adding this channel to your Amazon Fire.
  • After you’ve done this, the app needs to be opened. The Locast log in screen will appear on your TV. To sign in to Locast, you will need to enter your login credentials.
  • After you log in to your Locast account, you will be able to view the Locast App’s local broadcast.

These are the steps to activate Locast App for Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV.

Locast App Activated on Android: locast.org/activate

These instructions will show you how to access Locast on Android TVs or phones.

  • On your AndroidTV, click the Google Play Storeapp Icon. The Play Store will be displayed.
  • After you have opened Play Store on your device, the search box will be located in the upper portion.
  • Enter the keyword “Locast”, then click the search icon. The search result will appear on your screen.
  • From the search results, select the Locast app. You will be directed to the Locast screen by the search result. This will let you download and install Locast on your Android smartphone.
  • To install Locast on your device, you will be asked to click the Download button.
  • Once you have downloaded the channel to your phone, open the app. Once you have launched the app on your smartphone, sign in to Locast.
  • Log in to the app using your Locast login information. Log in to Locast and you can start using the content.

Locast Services: Guide to Sign Up

Locast accounts must be created in order to view Locast’s broadcast stations. These are the steps to follow to create Locast accounts.

  • Locast’s homepage can be accessed via a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • After you have arrived at Locast’s homepage, click/tap the Register button in the upper menu.
  • A small screen will open on your screen when you click/tap “Register”. You will find the form you need to register your account.
  • You will need your password and email address.
  • Once you have entered your password, email address and password in the provided fields, you will be asked to click/tap on the REGISTER BUTTON. Your Locast account will be created.
  • NOTE: The box next to Locast allows me to receive emails about my Locast account or Locast’s services.
  • These instructions will help you activate the Locast service after you have created the Locast account.


How to change the password on Locast account

If you forget your Locast password, it is simple to reset it. To continue watching your local TV stations, you can reset your Locast Account password.

  • Locast’s homepage can be accessed via a web browser on both your smartphone and computer.
  • After you have arrived at Locast’s homepage, click or tap Login.
  • A small sign-in page will appear on your screen after you click on the Login link. This page will give you the information that you need to sign in to your account.
  • Click on “forgot your Password” to reset your Locast password. This will take to the next screen.
  • Next, enter your Locast email address.
  • After you have entered your email address, click the RESET PASSWORD button.
  • A notification will be displayed to your screen when you click on the GET NEXT PASSWORD Button. This will inform you that a link to change your password has been sent.
  • This will enable you to log in to your email account and search for the email using Locast.
  • After you have found the email, click on the link to open it. The link will open a new page in your browser by clicking on it.
  • To reset your Locast password, you will need to follow the prompts.
  • After you have completed changing your password for Locast, you can use it on any activated device.

Note: Strong passwords are necessary for Locast accounts. You may need to log in with the same password you used before on your Locast device, from which Locast services are accessible.