john lewis credit card/activate on app

You can apply for a new Partnership Card to keep all your benefits.
The new Partnership Card
As you are now, you’ll continue to earn reward points and gift vouchers.

You can also manage your credit card from anywhere with the John Lewis Credit Card App. Additionally, you can pay with your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Register online for an account

It’s easy and quick. After you have registered for Online Account Manager you will be able access your account from a computer or download the John Lewis Credit Card App to get started.

John Lewis Credit Card Activate

You can activate your John Lewis Credit Card card through your John Lewis Credit Card App or the Online account Manager

You can also activate your card by calling the automated activation line at 0800915 2205

You can access your account 24/7 via the John Lewis Credit Card app or Online Account Management. Here you can view and check your balance, make payments, view statements and transactions, set up or change your Direct Debit, report a card loss or theft, and view your PIN.

How do I sign up for the Online Account Manager

Registering for the Online Account Manager will allow you to access your account from anywhere online. Follow the instructions to log in.

You will need your card number or account number. We have already sent you your account number in our welcome communications. It can also be found on the monthly statement.

Register for Online Account Manager if you don’t have one already. You can do this through the John Lewis Credit Card App or by visiting the registration webpage. It’s easy and quick. Your new Partnership Card account number will be required. This number is located at the top of your enclosed letter.

Where can I find the John Lewis Credit Card App?

The new John Lewis Credit Card App has been introduced to make it easy to manage and monitor your account from anywhere.

Go to the Apple Store, Google Play, and search for the John Lewis Credit card app.