Iwanttfc/smart tv/activate IWantTFC on your smart TV [UPDATE]

The Filipino Channel, also known as IWantTFC is a 24/7 worldwide subscription TV channel owned and operated ABS-CBN Corporation.

The network is accessible worldwide via cable, video-on-demand, IPTV, direct to-home, online streaming and satellite.

iWantTFC boasts more than 4,000,000 subscribers in over 40 countries worldwide, including the United States and Canada.

If you want to watch iWantTFC on your Smart TV or streaming device such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku, first download and install the iWantTFC app on your device and activate it at iwanttfc.com/smarttv/activate.

Guide to Activate iWantTFC on iwanttfc/smart tv/activate

Make sure to have these prerequisites in order to watch iWantTFC content at your big screen.

Smart TV or non-Smart TV with HDMI port
A streaming device compatible to the iWantTFC App
iWantTFC account and active premium subsctiption
Wi-fi internet
A second device for accessing iwanttfc/smart TV/activate URL.
This article will show you how to activate TFC everywhere on your smart TV at http://iwanttfc/smart-tv/activate. Learn how to install the iWantTFC App on your streaming device.

Steps to Activate iWantTFC on Roku

It takes 3 steps to activate the iWantTFC Roku app. Before you proceed with the steps below, ensure your Roku device is up-to-date.

Scroll to the Streaming channels option from your Roku home screen.
Select the Search/Search channels option in the Streaming channel section.
Start the search by entering iWantTFC into the search box.
Select the app iWantTFCapp from the search results and then tap the Add Channel button.
The application will begin to install on your Roku devices.
To launch the app, you can press the button after installation.
Sign in to the app with your iWantTFC credentials.
Once you have the activation code, visit tfc.tv/roku/activate or iwanttfc.com/smarttv/activate on another device.
Log in to TFC and enter the code shown on your TV screen.
Next, click the ACTIVATE link.
Now you can return to Roku and start watching your favorite Filipino TV shows.

Activate Android TV via Iwanttfc/smart-tv/activate

You can activate the iWantTFC App on Android TVs or Android-based Smart TVs such as OnePlus TVs, Mi, Xiaomi, and others by following the steps below.

These steps will allow you to access the app from your Android smartphone or tablet. The iWantTFC mobile app doesn’t need activation with an activation code. You will need to sign in instead.

Navigate to Apps > Google Play Store on your Android TV.
Use the search option to locate the IWantTFC application.
After you have found the app, click on the Install link to install it on your TV.
To launch the app, click the Open button after installation is completed successfully.
An activation code will appear on your screen.
Access iwanttfc.com/smarttv/activate on a computer or mobile browser.
Use the appropriate option to sign in to your TFC Account.
After logging in, enter your activation code and click the ACTIVATE Button.
Refresh your Android TV screen to start viewing iWantTFC program programming.

iwanttfc.com Smart TV Activate Fire TV

The following steps are required to activate the iWantTFC App on Fire TV. They have been updated to the most recent version. Follow these steps carefully.

Choose the Locate option on the Fire TV’s home screen.

Open the Find Section and search for the IWantTFC application.

Next, choose the app you want from the search results. Click on the Get button.

Wait for the app installation to take place on your Fire TV.

To launch the iWantTFC App on Firestick, tap Open.

Follow the prompts on the welcome screen to generate an activation code or a QR Code.

Open the camera app on your smartphone and scan the QR code.

You can also open iwanttfc/smart TV/activate if you don’t wish to activate with QR Code.

Sign in using your iWantTFC account credentials. Facebook

Sign in and enter the code shown on your TV. Click the ACTIVATE link.

TFC is now connected to your Amazon Fire TV/Firestick device.

iWantTFC App Activation On Apple TV

Open the App store on Apple TV and search the IWantTFC application.
Next, click on the Get to install the app.
To launch the app, tap Open after it is installed.
To log in, use the iWantTFC App to select the Log in option.
Continue with the steps if you need to activate your device using the code displayed on your TV.
Visit iwanttfc.com/smarttv/activate on a separate device.
Sign in to your iWantTFC Account. (if prompted)
Enter the code from your TV, and then click ACTIVATE.
You can now access the iWantTFC App on your Apple TV.

Note: To activate the iWantTFC App using the activation code click on the Get a New Code button to generate a new code.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Premium TFC Plan?

TFC subscriptions are available for $12.99 per month. A one-month trial is also available.

I would like to cancel my TFC membership. What fine will I have to pay?

If you cancel your subscription within the first month, there will be no fee or penalty. If your trial period has ended and you want to cancel the subscription you will be charged the full month.

How do you rent a movie on iWantTFC.

To rent a movie:

Sign in to your TFC Account
Select the Movies Option and select the movie you want to rent under Movies For Rent.
Next, click the Rent button.
Select the preferred payment method to complete the payment.
– Read the payment information, then click the Order button.
– The movies can be viewed until their expiration date.

What credit cards can be used by TFC to pay?

To make the payment, you can use Mastercard or Visa, Discover, Amex or JCB cards.