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GovWinIQ is an industry-leading platform that provides the most complete market intelligence for U.S., state, and local governments. GovWinIQ is unique in that it is backed by industry experts and continually updated by them. These experts receive direct intelligence from government decision-makers. GovWinIQ provides companies with the ability to spot opportunities early in their development, plan strategically, establish relationships, and navigate the competitive landscape. You can see why GovWinIQ is trusted by thousands of businesses to win more business in the public sector.


More Government Contracts

  • You can get relevant leads months or even years before the government RFP and bid announcements
  • Work together with your team to distribute qualified leads to remote employees or your CRM.
  • Get access to thousands of government agencies’ spending data and procurement contacts.
  • Our GovWin Network(TM), where you can find quality partners for teaming, is your place?
  • Smart Tags can be used to create intuitive searches
  • You can go beyond the proposal to create a long-term pipeline of sales for the public sector.
  • You will gain a competitive advantage and save time. This will help you win more contracts.


All SLED purchases are covered by 95%

  • 90% of bid notifications are posted within 24 hours
  • 42,000+ SLED data sources
  • 383000+ SLED contacts captured


Get More Government Contracts in the USA and Canada. The new Canadian coverage combines the purchasing power from the provinces, territories, and MASH sector entities with the federal government. This will make it your one-stop market intelligence hub in Canada for the Canadian public service sector.

  • Bids
  • Tenders
  • Modifications
  • Contacts


GovWin IQ is part the Deltek family. Their mission is to empower project success through superior levels of project intelligence and management.

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