How To Activate on Roku, Apple TV [UPDATE]

Activate Funimation via official link on ROKU, FIRE TV & Apple TV

Funimation is known for streaming anime shows like “Naruto Shippuden” and “Attack on Titan.” The company recently announced that it would stream its content directly on Comcast’s Xfinity platform following a decade-long partnership with Crunchyroll.  Funimation has seen growing demand for access to its catalog of English dubs of Japanese anime series.

The Funimation channel has recently announced that they are activating Funimation on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Activate Funimation Channel Roku, Apple & Fire TV

To activate the Funimation channel on your Roku device, you need to do a few simple steps.

First off, make sure that your Funimation account is linked with either Crunchyroll or VRV (a streaming service provided by both of these companies).

If it’s not already connected then follow this link and log in to complete the process. Next, you need to go into your account settings and link the Roku device. If this was already done then just check that it’s still set up correctly.

Activate Funimation on Roku at

  • The steps are very simple and straightforward as Funimation only requires you to
  • enter your email address in order for them to verify its validity first before continuing on.
  • Then all you need to do is go into the Roku channel store (located under “Channel Store”), search for Funimation under “Add Channel,” then click install
  • once it appears at the top of the list!
  • Afterward, just sign up using one of many methods available such as PayPal or Amazon Pay if needed.
  • if you got an activation code, simply go to
  • Enter code and activate your channel.

Activate Funimation on Apple TV at

Apple TV is an awesome way to watch anime. But, what if you cannot access Funimation on Apple TV? Not a problem! Read this article and we will tell you how to activate your favorite streaming website – Funimation – on apple tv.

There are only two steps required for activating the application of Funimation:

A: Firstly, you need to download Funimation on apple tv. Once done, go through the given instructions carefully. After that, do not forget to restart your device!

B: if you got an activation code, simply go to

Activate Funimation on Amazon Fire TV at

  • Go to settings, select “My Account” on the Amazon Fire TV home screen.
  • Once you are logged in, select “Sync Amazon Account” on your account page.
  • Select “Activate a Device” on your Amazon Account Page.
  • Select “Activate a New Fire TV or Kindle Screen with the same account.”
  • Enter in your Amazon account information, select “Activate”.
  • Select “Download” on the Amazon Account Page to download FunimationNow app.
  • if you got an activation code, simply go to


My app crashes on startup or I’m having other issues how do I get help?

Go to and choose the type of device you’re using for more assistance, click on “Funimation” then choose your device. If your issue is not resolved please contact Funimation customer service via email at

What devices is the Funimation app available on?

The app is currently only available for iOS, however an Android version is coming soon! iOS users can download the App by visiting the iTunes Store and searching “Funimation”. The current release is iPhone only; however we are working on an iPad optimized version of the app.

Why am I having trouble logging into my account or creating a new one from within the Funimation app?

Please contact our customer service department at for assistance. Please have your username, password and email address available so we may help you more efficiently.

Where can I get more information on how to use the app?

Please visit our FAQ at for answers to most questions, if you can’t find an answer please email with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You’ll notice that I’ve highlighted certain sections of each answer. These highlights will help you to find the answer to common questions.


-Is there a limit to how many devices I can stream from?

There is no limit to streaming on a single device, however if your account has been suspended for sharing an account you will not be able to stream until the suspension has been lifted by our customer service team.

-Is there a limit to how many devices I can download the app on?

The app is compatible with iOS 6 and above, if you have an older version of iOS the app may not be compatible. Funimation does not support jailbroken devices, which could cause issues while using the App.

-What do I do if the app is not working?

We have a quicklink at the top of our FAQ for this exact reason. Please visit and click on “Funimation” to choose your device type and find answers to more questions, or contact with your issue and we’ll be happy to help.

-How does Airplay work?

Airplay requires you to be on the same network as your device, please check your wireless router settings if you are having trouble connecting. To connect wirelessly please follow these steps: 1) Make sure both devices are connected to the same wireless network 2) Open up control center on your iOS device and tap the Airplay icon 3) Select your Apple TV from the list, then tap “Done”

-Does the app support Chromecast?

Yes it does! In order to use Chromecast please follow these steps: 1) Make sure both devices are connected to the same wireless network 2) Open up control center on your iOS device and tap the Chromecast icon 3) Select your Chromecast from the list, then tap “Done”

-How do I use a joystick or other controller to navigate through the app?

You can set up different functions for certain buttons on most aftermarket controllers. Please refer to your controller instructions manual if you have any issues.

-How do I get rid of ads?

By becoming a fan of Funimation on Facebook you can remove ads from the app! Please visit for more information.

-Can I download an episode to watch offline?

At this time the app does not support downloaded content, but our engineers are working on adding this feature in the future!

-How do I access my queue or history?

You can quickly access your Queue and History by clicking “Library” at the bottom of any page, you can also click on My Queue to see what episodes you have in progress. -Can I use the app outside the US? If you are not in the United States you will be able to download the app however some features may not function properly.

-How do I share an episode with a friend?

You can quickly tweet episodes by clicking “…” on any episode page, there is also a link at the bottom of each video for sharing purposes.

-How do I set up closed captioning?

You can check your video player settings by clicking “…” on any episode page, there is also a link to this information at the bottom of each video.

– Where are older episodes?

For now older episodes have been removed so we may improve our service, the plan is to bring back older titles in the future so please stay tuned!

-Can I use this app and at the same time?

Unfortunately it is not possible to run both simultaneously, if you would like to access your account from multiple locations please make sure your browsers are logged out of after using our apps.

-Why isn’t an episode available on the app?

Most likely because it is unavailable for purchase, either temporarily or permanently. If you’d like to see this title become available please contact us by clicking here .

-Can I watch subtitles with Closed Captions?

For now closed captions will be displayed unless you turn them off using the Video Player Settings.