Curiosity.TV Activate on Roku TV, Apple TV and Fire TV

CuriosityStream is a well-known entertainment and factual media company that offers video content like Documentaries and TV programs to its subscribers. It currently has over 13 million global subscribers, both through its direct and bundled subscriptions. CuriosityStream also offers original documentary series like Miniverse and The History of Home.

You can also find 4th and Forever, Musk City and Deep Time History. If you have access to this network and use streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV, you can watch the content of CurisotyStream by first installing the app on your streaming device and then activating it on the To activate CuriosityStream, follow the instructions below.

Activate Curiosity Stream via on Apple TV

  • Turn on your Apple TV first. Next, ensure that your Apple TV is connected to the Internet. Next, turn on the Apple TV and connect it to the Internet.
  • After logging in to the App Store, you can search for CuriosityStream either by browsing the various categories or using the Search function.

Please note: If you are using the search option, enter “CuriosityStream” in the search field. Next, click the search icon. Select the curiosityStream app from search results to get to the preview page.

  • The preview page will prompt you to install the app onto your Apple TV. Go back to your home screen and select CuriousityStream after installing the app.
  • When you launch CuriosityStream for Apple TV, the activation code will be displayed on your screen. If you are asked, you may be required to sign in before you receive the activation code.
  • Once you have received your activation code, you can open any browser on your smartphone or tablet. The URL is: tv/activate.
  • Next, enter your activation code in the box. Then press the Continue button. Follow the prompts to activate.

Activate Curiosity Stream via on Roku TV

  • To get to the home screen, simply press the home button on the Roku remote. Scroll to the bottom and choose the Roku Channel Store option.
  • CuriosityStream can be found in the Apps section. You can either browse through the different categories and lists or use the Search option to locate it. First type “CuriosityStream” and then click on the search button.
  • If you choose CuriosityStream from your search results, you will be taken to the preview page.
  • Once you’ve landed at the preview page, you can download the app to your Roku device. Just click the Add Channel button. After you have successfully installed the app to your Roku device, you can return to your home screen and open the CuriosityStream app.
  • The activation code will be displayed on your screen when CuriosityStream is launched on your Roku device. If you are asked, you may need to sign in before you receive the activation code.
  • After you receive your activation code, use your computer, smartphone or tablet to open a web browser. The URL is: tv/activate.
  • In the box provided, enter the activation code and press the Continue button.
  • The screen will prompt you to follow the prompts to activate your account. Now, the CuriosityStream app is available for you Roku device.

So, these are the step-by-step instructions that you will need to follow to activate the CuriosityStream app on the page for Roku and Apple TV.