Best 4 Android TV Apps For

Android TV is very popular right now because it has an incredible app collection, including thousands of apps that can be downloaded for free from the android tv store.

App collection on android TV has grown so much that we handpicked the top apps to use on every android tv or android box. These apps are essential for anyone new to android tv. These apps work with android tv as well as android tv boxes. You can install them on any popular android box such as mi box, Google chrome cast, Nvidia Shield, or google chromecast. Let’s take a look at the top android tv apps you can download from the Google Play Store.

Jio Pages: Web Browser For Android TV

Jio Page Web Browser will provide all the features you would expect from the android tv browser. The app UI has been optimized for android TV. We can navigate with the remote control of our android tv. The Jio Page home screen has dedicated tabs that allow us to view online recommended content tabs. We can view the most recent trailers and news and read web articles on the recommended tab. The Jio page browser synchs with google chrome, so you can log in to your favorite websites and passwords directly from android tv. This browser supports file downloads, so you can quickly and easily download files to your android tv. You can download this browser from the android TV play store.

Send files to TV

Send files to TV is the best way to share files quickly from your smartphone to Android tv. The app can share large files at high speeds over the WiFi network. The app allows you to share files with your android smartphone using a simple, intuitive interface. This app can be downloaded on android tv, windows, mac and android smartphones.


Are you a fan of many movies and series? Plex is the app for you if you have a large collection of movies and series. It organizes your movies and series by genre, rating, subtitles, and more. Plex’s interface is simple to set up and configure. You can stream retro games on your android tv. Plex now offers Atari classics games streaming directly to android TV. You can also install your entire collection of emulators and game ROMs to any android TV device.

Puffin TV

You can browse the internet on your TV. It is difficult to browse the internet, but it is now possible. easily. The Puffin browser works well with Android TV. Platform will transform your remote into a cursor, allowing you to navigate the interface. You can view all websites in card view. This makes it easy to access any website. So you can access the site directly from your TV.