Activate Starz on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

Activate Starz via officials like on streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and other devices.

The Starz network is a premium cable and satellite TV channel that provides viewers with the opportunity to watch some of their favorite movies, shows, and specials. It’s also available on many streaming devices for those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee or have a cable subscription.

The Starz channel is the best place to catch up on all your favorite movies and TV shows. No other network has as many great offerings for viewers across the spectrum of interests, from comedy to thrillers to family-friendly content. If you’re looking for something new or just want a break from Netflix, then check out what’s on Starz! Activate Code

Activate your Starz account and get access to hundreds of movies and TV shows, including original series like “Outlander” and “Power.” If you’re a fan of classic films, you’ll appreciate the channel’s selection of Hollywood classics that include James Bond flicks and Academy Award winners. Enjoy live streaming on your computer or mobile device with the app for iOS or Android devices.

Activate Starz on Roku using

The Starz channel on Roku is a great way to get access to the best movies, series, and documentaries that are available. The content ranges from comedies such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Life and Times of Tim,” action-packed hit series like “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and “Boss,” popular dramas like “Magic City” and more. If you would like access to all of this fantastic programming, simply follow our guide below.

  1. Activating Starz on Roku is easy and quick
  2. You can activate it through the website or by phone
  3. Once you have activated it, you will be able to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere with an internet connection
  4. Some of the benefits include being able to pause a show for up to 30 minutes without it counting against your time limit, ad-free content, no commercials interrupting your viewing experience, and more!
  5. The activation process takes less than five minutes and costs only $8 a month after a 7-day free trial period
  6. Activate today so that you can enjoy all of these great features!

Activate Starz on Amazon Fire TV using

  1. Connect your TV to the internet.
  2. Download the app from Amazon’s App Store or Google Play
  3. Open the app and sign in with your Amazon account information
  4. Follow on-screen instructions for activation
  5. Turn on your TV and choose “Staz” as a source of video content
  6. Enjoy!

Activate Starz on Apple TV using

After a long and arduous wait, the Starz app has finally arrived on Apple TV. The premium cable network’s app is now available for download in the tvOS App Store, ushering in hours of endless entertainment for fans of popular shows like Outlander and Power. With this release, Starz becomes one of several networks that have ditched their set-top boxes to focus on streaming services instead. Although other premium channels such as HBO Now and Showtime Anytime are also available on Apple TV, those apps were released last year following Apple’s introduction of its revamped box.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to the internet
  2. Download and sign in with an iTunes account, or enter a valid email address and password if you don’t have one
  3. Activate your Apple TV by signing into iCloud on your iPhone or iPad, then entering the same credentials on the screen of your Apple TV
  4. Install apps from the App Store
  5. Add Starz channel, through Settings > Channels > Get More Channels
  6. Set up Home Sharing so that all devices are connected via Wi-Fi networks and can share files between them

Activate Starz on Hulu

If you have a Starz subscription and want to watch it on Hulu, you need to activate Starz on your Hulu account. Here’s how:

1. Go to and click “Sign In.”

2. Enter your Hulu username and password, then click “Sign In.”

3. Click “Activate Starz” to link your Hulu account with your Starz account.

4. You’ll be prompted to pick a user ID and password for your Hulu account. Create one and click “Save,” or use the ones you already have if you’ve activated Hulu in the past.

5. You’re now ready to watch Starz on Hulu! Just go to and select “Starz” from the menu.

Activate Starz on Samsung TV

To activate Starz on your Samsung TV, you will need to have a Starz subscription. Once you have your subscription, follow these steps:

  • 1) On your Samsung TV remote, press the Menu button.
  • 2) Scroll down and select Settings.
  • 3) Select TV Provider.
  • 4) Select Starz.
  • 5) Enter in your Starz
  • 6) Press the OK
  • 7) Press the Menu
  • 8) Select TV
  • 9) Scroll down and select On.
  • 10) The channel should now be up and running.
  • 11) Enjoy!

Activate Starz on Xfinity

Activating Starz on Xfinity is a simple process. First, you will need to make sure that you have an active Starz subscription. If you do not have one, you can sign up for a free trial on the Starz website.

Once you have confirmed that you have a subscription, open the Xfinity X1 platform and select the  menu

  • Next, click on Activate Starz
  • Then, you will see a sign in the box. Type your username and password into that box
  • Do not worry if your username is not your email address; it can be anything you want it to be
  • Once you have logged in, you will see a list of your subscribed channels
  • Scroll down to find the Starz channel, and then click on it
  • Finally, you will see an activation code. This code is unique to your account, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe
  • Once you have your code, just click on next and go through the settings section to complete the activation process.
  • After activating Starz, you can enjoy all of your favorite movies and television shows!
  • If you ever want to deactivate Starz from Xfinity, return to
  • All done! You can activate Starz on Xfinity now. Keep in mind that activation codes expire after a certain period, usually 30 days. Your code will expire once you receive it, so save the number somewhere safe.

Activate Starz on Sling TV

If you’re looking to activate Starz on Sling TV, it’s a very simple process. Just follow these steps:

  • 1) Go to and sign in
  • 2) Hover over your name in the top right corner, and select “My Account”
  • 3) Scroll down to “Channel Lineups” and click “Change Package”
  • 4) Select “Starz” and click “Continue”
  • 5) Review the package details and click “Confirm”
  • 6) You should now be able to watch Starz on Sling TV!

If you have any problems activating Starz on Sling TV, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support

Activate Starz on PlayStation 4

To activate your subscription after downloading the app, open it up then navigate to activate account, select activate via phone or activate via computer once you’ve done that you can enjoy all the great content available through the Starz Channel app!

You can activate Starz on your streaming device by following the steps below. First, log in to your account using a computer or tablet and go to “Settings”. Next, click on “Manage Account” under the STARZ heading. Finally, select “Activate Streaming Service.” If you need any help with this process or have questions about which devices are compatible with activating Starz please contact us!

Important FAQ

Q. The Starz channel app not working.

If you’re having trouble accessing the Starz channel on your phone or tablet, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device. If you’re still having problems, contact Starz customer service for help.

Q. Customer Support of Starz

Q. Cancel Starz Subscription

Simply log in to the stars app and go to settings>account>subscription then there is an option to cancel your plan. Simply hit that button.

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