Poptv.com Activate on Roku TV, Apple TV & Fire TV (Updated )

POP TV is commonly known as a pay-TV channel. It is owned and managed by ViacomCBS’ domestic network division. POP TV, a basic entertainment channel that focuses mainly on programming related to popular culture, is called POP TV. The channel currently has more than a 67million subscribers in America.


POP TV app can be used on nearly all streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV and Android. Pop TV can be viewed on any streaming device by downloading the Pop Now app from Apple’s app store. You can activate it at poptv.com/activate.


This guide will show you how to activate POP TV for streaming devices.

Guide to Activate POP TV via Poptv.com/activate

Pop TV must be available through a participating TV provider to access live TV, movies, and Pop TV shows on your streaming device. You can activate the Pop NOW app if you have the subscription and the streaming device has the most recent updates.


Steps to activate the POP NOW app on Roku

No matter what Roku device you have (Roku Stick, Roku Smart TV), the instructions below will help activate Pop NOW at poptv.com/activate.

  • You can access the Streaming Channels option via the main menu on your Roku device.
  • To find Pop NOW, select the Search/Search Channels option in the Streaming Channels section.
  • After you have found the app, please choose it from the search results.
  • Next, click the Add channel button.
  • To launch the app, you can tap the Go to Channel option after installation.
  • Your TV will display a unique code and an activation link (poptv.com/activate).
  • Click this link to go to the Pop Now activation page.
  • Click the ACTIVATE button and enter the code into the field.
  • Sign in using your credentials as a TV provider.
  • After logging in, the PopNOW app will activate on your Roku device.


Poptv.com/activate Activate Pop Now on Apple TV

Apple TV is another device that you can use for accessing the “Pop NOW app”. The Pop NOW app can be installed on Apple TV via the App Store’s Entertainment section. Refer to the below instructions for a detailed installation and activation procedure.

  • Start the App Store app for your Apple TV.
  • Browse manually in the App Store (under Entertainment) to find Pop NOW or use the search function.
  • Click on the Pop Now app to get started.
  • The application will start installing on your Apple TV.
  • After installation, click Open to launch the app.
  • An activation code will appear on your TV screen.
  • Once you have your code, go to poptv.com/activate to activate it.
  • The code will be entered in the appropriate field of the activation page. Press the ACTIVATE button.
  • Next, choose your TV provider (if prompted), and then sign in with its credentials.
  • Pop NOW will be connected to your Apple TV.

How do I access Pop TV on Android or iOS?

You can enjoy Pop NOW programming with your Android phone/tablet, and iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod touch by signing in to the app. Here are some quick steps to help you get started.

  • Open the app store on your Android/iOS phone (Play Store Android or App Store for Apple TV).
  • Search for Pop NOW in the app store and then install it.
  • After installation, launch Pop NOW.
  • You will be asked to sign-in on the welcome screen.
  • Enter your login credentials for your TV provider.
  • After logging in, you can start watching your favorite Pop Now programming immediately.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

What streaming devices are compatible with the Pop NOW app

You can currently access the Pop NOW App on Roku Stick and Roku TV.

Is it possible to access Pop NOW on my Android TV?

The Pop NOW app is not currently available for Android TV. The app is only available on Android smartphones and tablets.

What happens if I don’t have a subscription to Pop TV?

Pop TV content can only be accessed on your preferred device if you subscribe to the channel via a participating TV Provider.

Does pop NOW keep crashing on my Apple TV?

You cannot access the Pop Now App on Apple TV

  • Restart the PopNOW app.
  • Restart your Apple TV.
  • Verify your internet connection.
  • You can update your Apple TV by going to Settings > System > Software updates > Update Software.
  • If an update is available, click Download.