QLink Wireless SIM Card Activation & SIM Installation Process

This guide will show you how to activate your QLink Wireless SIM Card. QLink provides wireless services at no cost, viz. Unlimited text, data, and voice call All Lifeline eligible American customers. So, get ready to enjoy the free services just by following a few simple steps to activate the QLink Wireless SIM card via qlinkwireless.com/activate.

You can bring your phone into the QLink Wireless network if it is compatible with QLink Wireless. The SIM card can be used at no charge. The QLink Wireless SIM Kit includes a QLink SIM Card, three SIM adapters, and a SIM card ejector tool. Here’s a quick guide to how to activate the SIM on your smartphone before you move on to the activation.

Steps to Install the QLink SIM Card

We have provided this step-by-step guide to simplify SIM installation. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Your phone should be turned off
  • You can remove the SIM card. The SIM-card ejector tool is included in your kit. The SIM tray will be accessible by pushing the tool into the hole. The SIM card tray should be released.
  • Remove the old SIM card, and take a close look at the QLink SIM Card. There will be three sizes. To determine the correct size SIM, compare the old SIM to the new one. Next, punch the SIM according to the size. Check online to find the right size SIM for your phone if this is your first SIM.
  • Once you have the right-sized SIM, insert it into your smartphone.
  • Turn on your phone. The SIM has been successfully installed.

Once you have successfully installed a SIM, activate it to use the services.

Methods to activate the QLink SIM card

These are the methods you can use to activate your SIM card:

  • Activation with the QLink App
  • Through Customer Care Support
  • Manual Method

Let’s take a look at these methods in more detail.

Activation with the QLink App

The QLink app allows you to activate your QLink SIM Card. These are the steps:

  • Download the QLink app from the Play Store. After the download is completed, the installation process will automatically begin.
  • After installation is completed, log in with your QLink mobile number.
  • That’s it! The QLink wireless network will be installed on your smartphone.

Through Customer Care Support

Contact customer service to activate the QLink SIM card. Here’s what you should do:

For activation of the SIM card, dial 1-855-754-66543 or 1-888-505-7678 to speak with a customer service representative.

Manual Method to Activate Qlink Wireless Sim Cards

These are the steps you need to take in order to activate your QLink SIM card manually

  • Place the QLink SIM Card in the SIM slot on your smartphone.
  • Close the SIM tray, and then check to see if there is any signal. Depending on your location, you will receive both 4G and 5G network coverage.
  • The SIM card will be activated if you receive a signal. Enjoy all the QLink services for free.
  • These are the fixes for if you don’t receive a signal or get messages such as “Not registered on the network”:
  • Restart your smartphone
  • Enable Airplane mode/ Flight mode
  • Reset all network settings
  • Your Access Point Name (APN), should be updated
  • After resolving the issue, you can now enjoy the free services.

Users may not be able to access free services even when the SIM is activated. You can modify the APN settings on your phone in such cases (only available for Android devices). This is how the APN settings should look:

APN Q Link

MMSC: http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc

MNC: 240

MCC: 310

APN type: default, supl, MMS

APN Protocol: Select IPv4/IPv6

If you have any problems activating your QLink SIM, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website and go to the contact page. Fill out the form with your information. Complete the form.
  • The QLink side will respond and activate your SIM.


QLink Wireless and Lifeline

QLink Wireless was founded in 2011 and is a telecommunications company based in America. It offers wireless services free of charge to Lifeline-eligible American citizens. Lifeline provides wireless services for low-income people in all 50 states. It is funded by the Universal Service Fund. The Lifeline service is available to those who have received any government benefits, such as Medicaid and SNAP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How much will switch to a new network cost?

Switching to the QLink Wireless 4G/5G network will not cost you anything.

After the SIM upgrade, my iPhone is having trouble calling. What should I do?

This indicates that your phone isn’t connecting to the network properly. This issue can be fixed by changing the carrier settings. These are the steps:

  • Verify that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to Settings>>> About. There will be an option to change the carrier settings.
  • Click the button to update if it is available and then click the button to complete the process.

Dropped calls will disappear once your carrier settings have been updated. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support at 1 (855) 754-6543.

My QLink Wireless Service has been canceled. What should I do?

You may lose eligibility for Lifeline service and your account could be closed. You can only reapply if you are eligible for Lifeline service again.

You can also cancel your service if you did it yourself or if you are not using the service as much. You can either start a new app or reactivate services by completing an existing one.

QLink Unlimited Services: Is there a contract or hidden fee?

No. No contract. There are no hidden fees. All eligible Americans can enjoy unlimited data, talk, and texting with QLink wireless services.

How do I change my QLink password?

Use your email ID (username), and your zip code (password) to log in to your QLink account. The ‘Change Password” option will be available under the My Q Link menu to the right. Enter the password you choose.