Activate Lionsgate Play on Your Smart TV [UPDATE]

You are looking for binge-worthy content, and would you like to stream Lionsgate Play free of charge? Lionsgate Play is a streaming service that delivers the best Hollywood films and TV shows directly to your mobile device or computer. Lionsgate Play launched in December 2020 and is now the last Hollywood company that offers OTT services in India.

What exactly is LIONSGATE PLAY?

Lionsgate Play lets you stream your favorite TV and movie shows anywhere, any time, without ads. Lionsgate Play brings the best films and shows to your living room. It’s easy to get involved. Sign up for your subscription and stream your favorite TV shows and films while you are on the go.


  1. Keep up-to-date on the latest Hollywood film and television releases, including first-time Indian premieres.
  2. You can check out blockbuster movies as well as billion-dollar blockbusters like John Wick, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.
  3. Playlists are created specifically for you based on your preferences. You don’t have to look elsewhere.
  4. Critically acclaimed movies from Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi
  5. Completely dubbed versions in six languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
  6. You can stream your favorite movies and series on up to five devices with a single Lionsgate Play account.

Are you a fan of Indian content? You can watch Lionsgate online for free. Lionsgate’s upcoming Indian Originals will provide the best production quality for your next viewing party.


    • Install the Lionsgate Play App on your smart TV.
    • Start the Lionsgate Play app on your smart TV.
    • Choose the “Sign in option.
    • Enter your password and mobile number.
    • Click on “Sign in.”
    • Lionsgate Play is available on your smart TV.


Dependence Jio has confirmed an organization with Lionsgate Studio. This is a well-known Hollywood studio. JioFiber customers will now be able to stream Lionsgate’s Play on their Jio set-top box at no cost. JioFiber Watch allows Lionsgate to be viewed at no cost to those who have the Silver plan or higher and are eligible for JioFiber’s streaming service. Jio has updated its website with information about this feature. JioFiber customers who are eligible can view the service through their set-top boxes.

JioFiber customers have the opportunity to view the entire premium range of Lionsgate Play streaming services at no charge under the Lionsgate Studio package.

Initial pricing was Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 699 per year. Amazon Prime Video now allows you to watch Lionsgate Play for free. You also get exclusive content. Prime Video Channels will offer Prime users one experience and access to a variety of video content from top streaming platforms like Lionsgate Play.