Go2bank.com Activate Secured Credit Card Online [Updated]

Learn how to Activate Go2Bank Credit Card using go2bank.com/activate and what you need to Activate Go2Bank Credit Card. Activate the card now.

The Go2Bank Card is a new service that provides customers with the convenience of paying for their purchases without carrying cash or writing a check.

The Go2Bank Card allows customers to make all sorts of different types of purchases, from groceries and gas to clothing and entertainment. Customers can also use this card at ATMs worldwide to withdraw money as needed.

This convenient credit card even makes it easy for customers to pay monthly bills online through an automated system that will handle bill payments on time every month.

The customer does not have any concerns about being late because the company takes care of everything! All they have to do is press a button one time each month, which means spending less time sitting in front of the computer making transactions and more

Things You Need Before Activation Go2Bank Card

  • To activate your card you will need your Go2Bank Card number and activation PIN
  • Device To Follow Activation Steps
  • Proper Internet connection

How To Activate Go2Bank Credit Card using go2bank.com/activate

To activate the card, make sure that your device is connected to a strong internet connection.

Then you will need to go to the activation page on your web browser.

The URL is go2bank.com/activate.

You will enter your Go2Bank account email address and password in this space, then click “login”.

After logging in, you will be able to see your Go2Bank account information–you may want to print it out so you don’t have trouble with passwords later!

How To Apply For GO2Bank Secure Credit Card

Through the GO2bank app or online at go2 bank.com, eligible members can apply for a secured credit card that offers 0% interest rates on purchases and balance transfers with minimal fees – all while being backed by their own top-rated security system! This is one of many ways they are different from other banks in today’s competitive marketplace

A great way to save money without compromising your personal information? Sign up now before these limited quantities run out!!


Q: What is a Go2Bank Secured Credit Card?

A: A Go2Bank Secured Credit Card is a Visa card that requires an initial deposit upon approval. The deposit becomes the credit line for the secured card and the user cannot spend above their limit (which should be kept below 30% of your deposit). You can make additional deposits to increase your credit line at any time.

Q: What are the fees associated with a Go2Bank Secured Credit Card?

A: There is an annual fee and a monthly servicing fee both of which vary based on the card holder’s credit limit ($8/$6 minimum). The annual fee can be waived for each $2000 increase in your credit line.

Q: What are the benefits associated with a Go2Bank Secured Credit Card?

A: Benefits include online banking/bill pay, mobile check deposit, a free FICO score, and a 3% foreign transaction fee surcharge (typical 1%-3%).

Q: How does one apply for a Go2Bank Secured Credit Card?

A: You can apply online from the Go2Bank website, www.Go2Bank.com. The secured credit card is a Visa product so anyone with a valid Social Security Number and street address in the United States or Puerto Rico are eligible to apply.

Q: What types of credit cards does Go2Bank offer?

A: Go2Bank offers a Secured Visa Card and a Platinum Plus Rewards MasterCard. The secured credit card requires an initial deposit which becomes the line of credit whereas the Rewards card has a $59 annual fee and no credit check/deposit required. With the Rewards card you earn 1 point for every $1 spent and for every 1,000 points you earn you receive a $10 credit on your account.

Points can be redeemed online or at any of the following merchants: Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Ford Motors and more.

Q: Can you use Go2Bank Secured Credit Cards to rent cars?

A: If you are over 21 years of age with a valid Social Security Number and street address in Puerto Rico, Canada or the United States you can apply for the Secured Credit Card. This card will allow you to make any type of purchase including car rentals.

Q: Can Go2Bank Secured Credit Cards be used internationally?

A: When using Go2Bank Secured Credit Cards internationally there is a 3% foreign transaction fee. This does not mean that you cannot use the card in another country but it will cost more to do so.