1stnb.com Activate National Bank Texas Card Online

Are you new to First National Bank Texas? How do I activate my new debit card online at 1stnb.com/activate We have a tutorial to help you activate your First National Bank Texas Card. Follow the instructions below to ensure you have all the information needed for activating your First National Bank Texas Card. These include:

  1. Last 4 digits from your SSN
  2. Last 4 digits on your debit card
  3. Your Zip Code (wherever you live)
  4. To activate 1stnb.com/activate
  5. All you need is a strong internet connection.

Let’s get straight to activation.

What is First National Bank Texas?

First National Bank Texas Debit Card allows you to access and use your funds in a simple way. You can use the debit card for many purposes. It allows you to easily schedule recurring transactions, such as payments or travel money. The debit card provides a range of financial services to its customers, including online account management, the ability make purchases at any merchant that accepts MasterCard and cash withdrawals from thousands upon thousands of ATMs.

First National Bank Texas Card Activation (1stnb.com/activate).

  • Customers of the First National Bank Texas are requested to pay a visit to the official site – www.1stnb.com/activate if they want to activate their recently received First National Bank Texas Debit MasterCard.
  • Once the card is activated and successfully verified, you cannot use it. This is an essential step to protect your card from fraud.
  • To activate your new card, you will need to fill in all required information. This includes your zip code, last four characters of your card and last four characters of your SSN.
  • After the card activation is complete, you can use your card to make financial transactions as well as payments.

To activate the card, you will need to follow the steps as outlined below.

Activate Your First National Bank Texas Debit Card

Please make sure you have everything you need before you activate the system. Then, follow the authorized guide.

All things must be started:

  • Navigate to 1stnb.com/activate using a web browser from your smartphone or computer.
  • You will find the title “Activate Debit MasterCard” on the main activation page. A small caption is included. All fields must be filled in.
  • Next, enter the 4th digit of your SSN/TIN account number. After you have entered it, you will need to enter the last 4 digits for the Debit MasterCard.
  • In the box below, enter the last 4 digits of the Debit card.
  • Enter the Zip code in this box and continue to activate the account.
  • After you have entered all details, enter your details in the Valid Through Section – Type Month and year of your receive card.
  • Click Submit, and you’re done!

You can also activate your card by calling 1-888-891-2435 to activate your First National Bank Texas Card.

To access mobile banking, fill out the Digital Banking Activation form

Mobile banking is the easiest way to access your account online. Mobile banking also allows you to keep track of all your bank-related and financial activities using your mobile phone. To activate mobile banking at First National Bank Texas, fill out this online form.

  • Navigate to the Digital Banking Activation Page to begin the process.
  • In the provided space, enter your Username.
  • Next, enter additional information such as SSN, Birth Date, mm/dd/yyyy format and cell phone number.
  • To complete the process, tap the box next to you.

Contact First National Bank at 800-677-9801 for more information or additional assistance regarding MasterCard activation.